Remix (Virtual Reading) by Melissa Bell


After being written off as a "one hit wonder," Mini's pop icon status is reignited with the remix of her #1 hit by a younger rap artist, Hakim XL, becoming this week's hottest download. Mini is within reach of a long-desired comeback. Careers burn hot and fast in a business that perpetuates abusive behavior of which Mini is both victim and participant. REMIX deep dives into the realm of celebrity, the obsessive need to be worshiped and the road to recovery.

Director Margie Haber is founder and creative force of the Margie Haber Studio in LA and author of How to Get the Part Without Falling Apart.

Featuring Kimberley Shoniker (Supernatural, Write Before Christmas), Sean Evans, Ethan Herschenfeld, Lucy McMichael, and Khalid Rivera.

Tickets are pay-as-you-can. Please enter any amount from $1. A Zoom link will be sent 2 days prior and the morning of the performance.