I booked a principal role in the feature film, MILKWATER. Directed/Written by Morgan Ingari and starring Molly Bernard, Robin De Jesus and Patrick Breen.
I completed doing a supporting role in the short film-noir, LINDA. It will be hitting the film festival circuit soon.
I booked a Co-star role in FX's POSE. I also booked a supporting role in the film-noir short, LINDA, and finished doing a workshop of a new EDM/Latin musical.
I will be performing in the NBC UNIVERSAL UPFRONT event at Radio City Music Hall.
Will be part of the staged reading of the new dramedy play, SPINNY TWIRLY THINGS. I have a supporting role. I'm a Figure Skater! There will be two presentation dates Dixon Place later this month. Check out my upcoming events on the homepage for more info!
Did a fun photo shoot today for a portrait series. Worked with well-known photographers. There will be an online and print publication!
I've also been cast in an equity reading of the new play, MARVELOUS. I will be playing the lead role. It will be directed by Renoly Santiago (Dangerous Minds, Con-Air) and the presentation will be at the IATI Theatre on 4/22 at 5 pm.