Check out my interview on the Actor CEO Podcast. It's about understanding contracts and the process of contract negotiations. We go in on this topic! Take a listen: 
I've been chosen to be part of the Zathom Storyteller Internet Project. ZATHOM, a growing platform for artists, actors, teachers, and storytellers to share their authenticity with the world.
Booked a co-star role in RUSSIAN DOLL and a day player role in the feature film, GAIN.
ADULTING has been added to the Prospector International Film Festival. 
Will be part of a virtual reading of a new play, REMIX, by Melissa Bell. It's being directed by Margie Haber, and starring Kimberly Shoniker. Check out the press release for more details: 
I will be featured in two tracks in the upcoming compilation album, THE BEND, by The Fletcher Project. It will be released on 1/15/20 on all music retailer platforms. Check out the promo video: Bend Album Promo